Main Products
  • Pipe Making Machines
  • Pipe Making Machines Pipe making machine (also named welded pipe mill) is used for manufacturing carbon, stainless or titanium steel pipes under mass production. It is able to make different types of tubes including round, square, flat square or shaped pipes. The main production process includes flatting, forming, welding, annealing, polishing...
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  • Elevator Guide Rail Producing Line
  • Elevator Guide Rail Producing Line Elevator guide rail producing line is designed for making various elevator guide rails. This line can make different shapes of guide rail as per customer’s drawing request. Both hollow and closed hollow guide rail making machine for elevator are available in our company.The finished guide rails have advantages like high precision...
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  • Slitting Machine (Line)
  • Slitting Machine (Line) 1. Slitting machine is a common used metal coil cutting equipments. It is also called longitudinal shearing machine, slitting lines, slitters and so on. 2. Slitting line is used to shear metal material longitudinally and to recoil the fillet. It can be easily operated. This slitting line gives high quality and precision when cutting material. It utilizes...
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  • Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine
  • Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine The complete metal deck roll forming machine line includes decoiler, main machine, computer controlling system and run out table. Metal decks with various thicknesses are new building materials. The metal decks produced by our metal deck roll forming line machinery are widely used as floor or roof of building. They are used as the floors or roofs...
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  • Corrugated Roll Forming Machine
  • Corrugated Roll Forming Machine The complete line mainly includes decoiler, main roll forming machine, hydraulic cutting device, hydraulic station, PLC computer control system, and output table. Corrugated roof roll forming machine is widely used in construction industry for making the roof tile and wall panel outside of building. We offer this machine in different...
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  • Roofing Steel Tile Roll Forming Machine
  • Roofing Steel Tile Roll Forming Machine This type of corrugated roof roll forming machine is composed of de-coiler, guiding device, roll forming unit, stop-to-shear device, run-out table, hydraulic system and electronic control system. This roof tile roll forming machine can roll forming metal roofing tile through a successive process: uncoiling, rollforming, forming step effect, cutting to length...
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Company Introduction
SUZHOU MANFENGXIANG TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. is a specialist manufacturer for different steel bending and forming equipments, including steel roll forming machine, hydraulic press brake machine, shearing machine, and so on. These products are widely utilized in construction industry, especially for factory building, warehouse facilities, store facilities, etc.
We have developed more than 30 series of metal material processing machines. Our steel roll forming machines can meet the requirements of all steel constructions. The sandwich panel forming machines are popularly used for manufacturing roof sheet, color steel tile, cold roll forming machine, C & Z & W shape purlin and floor decking sheet. We also offer many other roll forming machines, curving machine for roof sheets, and so on.
Apart from steel roll forming machines, we also supply production lines of guardrail sheet for expressway, shutter doors, and garages doors. Besides, we devoted ourselves to the research & development of various kinds of other products related to steel structure, such as hydraulic press brake machine, roll former, shearing machine, slitting machine, cutting machine, etc...

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